Club One Island


Past Islanders have requested additional options. Though none of these are necessary to be successful in the program, choice is never a bad thing. Choose something now, or come back if you decide you’d like something later. Or consider receiving all of them in one fell swoop with All In Program - Two Times a Week or All In Program - Three Times a Week

Buy Life Interrupts Plan: A life interruption doesn’t mean you have to lose your apartment or personal data.  If you find it necessary to put the program on hold, we’ll hold your apartment and personal data for you until your return.  ($14.99 a month)
Buy Avatar Starter Wardrobe: Receive a starter wardrobe for your avatar with lots of cool clothes for each exciting activity you’ll be engaging in.  ($10.00)
Buy Virtual Environment Coaching: Schedule 1-hour sessions with one of our team members to teach you anything you might like to learn about the virtual environment. Previous participants were interested in learning about changing their avatar, taking virtual photos, or optimizing their experience.  ($40.00)
Buy One-on-One Coaching: Set up a one-on-one coaching session with the instructor of your choice to address the topic of your choice. Some participants feel they want extra help to address a plateau, feelings of ambivalence, nutritional questions, or other specific area of challenge during their program. ($40.00)
Buy Virtual World Photography: Chronicle your avatar’s weight loss path through pictures, at the beginning, middle, and graduation days. ($30.00)
Buy Retaking a Class: Re-take a class, a section, or the entire program..  If you were a Dynamo member, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and we’ll send you your discount code.  All other members click the button to the left.
Buy Maintenance Program: Upon graduation, many of our students would like continued support through weekly meetings, or to keep their keep their apartment and access to their personal tools, or have the opportunity to use the public tools, or just be kept up to date on social events and hang out with friends. Once you’ve finished the program you can have all of this as well as a monthly newsletter keeping you up to date through the Maintenance Program for just $19.99 a month.