Club One Island


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Picture the comfort of your own home. Now picture a virtual world where you can meet, share with, and support other Islanders that have the same goals as you. To that add instructors skilled in Movement, Nutrition and Healthy Habits, and twice-a-week, hour-long sessions with them for 6 whole months. You’ve just seen the Island Rising Star program.

Everyone’s an Islander when they sign up for Club One Island. The question is which Islander do you want to be:

Rising Star
Hot Shot
48 class hours over 6 months Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark
24/7 access to the community Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark
Use of all public tools Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark
An apartment to decorate, visit, entertain, and house personalized tools Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark
Personalized tools Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark
Special $9.99 rate if you want to continue on a Maintenance program Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark
Money Back Guarantee Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark
6-Month Maintenance Program
Check Mark Check Mark
Life Interrupts Plan–Account held for 2 months if needed, at 1-month intervals Check Mark Check Mark
Starter wardrobe Check Mark Check Mark
Two 1-hour avatar assistance sessions
Check Mark Check Mark
3 avatar photo sessions to chronicle your success Check Mark Check Mark
Monthly 1-on-1 coaching session with instructor of your choice Check Mark
Option to repeat program or individual classes at the All-In price per class Check Mark
COST $750 $1000 $1250

Why choose to be a Rising Star? Because it’ll save you $210 off of the same number of classes purchased month-to-month. And it includes a special rate for the Maintenance program, for those Islanders that want to continue accessing their apartments, program tools, and weekly support meetings after they complete the program.

Island Hot Shots Program: Hot Shots get the same experience as Rising Stars, plus 6 additional months of the Maintenance Program, and the Life Interrupts option, which allows Islanders to put classes on hold for up to two months (at one month intervals). There’s also a starter wardrobe for avatars, with lots of cool clothes to wear to Island events; two 1-hour sessions with a member of the Island team, where Islanders can learn more about the virtual environment; and 3 avatar photo sessions, where Islanders can chronicle their success.

Island Dynamo Program:
Island Dynamos get all of the Rising Star and Hot Shot options, plus monthly, one-on-one coaching sessions with instructors of their choosing. Address plateaus, feelings of ambivalence, nutritional questions, or other specific areas of challenge—all in the comfort of a one-on-one with an instructor of your choosing. Plus, Dynamos have the benefit of taking additional classes at a reduced rate should they choose.