Club One Island


Club One Island is...

  • A digital world: Use an Avatar you create in a virtual world to lose weight in the real world.
  • A playground: Network, play and learn in a virtual community on the internet.
  • An educational program: Classes are offered weekly providing help in the most important weight loss areas: Nutrition, Movement, Support, and Healthy Habits. Class Instructors are professionals with degrees in their area of expertise and sensitive to  students' individual needs.
  • An effective way to lose weight: Test participants lost more weight than control groups going through a comparable real world 12-week program.

On Club One Island you will:

  • Create an Avatar in the online virtual world
  • Explore the Island devoted to weight loss
  • Surf, swim and play while learning to avoid food temptations
  • Brave the Room of Doom, and crush your worst food demons
  • Learn from experts in Nutrition, Healthy Habits, movement, and Support
  • Connect and discover with others interested in losing weight on a virtual island
  • Reunite with old friends or make new friends


Who is an Islander?

An Islander is a person who wants to be successful and healthy, and have fun getting there! An islander wants to lose weight, become stronger, lower cholesterol or blood pressure, become more active, or learn about nutrition-based diseases.  An islander has an adventurous streak, and wants more than traditional methods have been able to give. An Islander wants to understand why they’ve struggled so much in the past, and tackle their weight loss demons once and for all.

What is an Island Lead?

An Island Lead is an expert in virtual worlds.  They ensure that classes run smoothly, and that Islanders and instructors have all the support they need to be successful.  They are friendly, and ready to help.

What is an Island Guide?

Island Guides are Island grads.  Every Island Guide was once a new Islander, a little scared about starting something so new, but also excited and determined to try.  Guides have successfully finished the program, and are actively working toward their own goals.  They love the Island and the friends they’ve made, and they have a special calling to stay connected and help new islanders as they begin their journey.  Guides participate in classes and play on the Island.  They are friends and mentors, there to answer questions, share stories, and offer assistance.  Island Guides are the angels of Club One Island.

What is an Island Tech?

Island Techs are always around during class times.  When an Islander rezzes on, Techs will greet them both through text and voice.  (“Rezzing” means logging into the virtual environment.)  Their goal is to ensure Islanders can both hear and speak before heading off to class, and help with any technical difficulties.

What are Instructors?

Instructors are university graduates in their area of expertise: Kinetics, Nutrition, Psychology, or Sociology.  They have worked in their respective fields for a number of years, many of them certified in specialties, and have worked with both groups and individuals.  They have been hand-picked for their understanding and empathy for the challenges that Islanders face .  They meet weekly to discuss each Islander’s progress, and to ensure they have the tools they need to reach their goals.